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    Our Twins Workin’ Bike Skills!

    Check out my baby girls, Nora and Ivey, ride around the garage on a dreary, wet day in Columbia. Chances are you’ve seen this pic on Facebook, as Jennifer posted well before I could blog about it. No matter, I thought it was cute enough to post about, anyway. Our Twins Workin’ Bike Skills!

    I’ve had a few folks ask me what’s in the background. Well, that’s a golf cart cover that hasn’t quite had a chance to get all the wrinkles out yet. I’ll post about it later, but love it or loathe it, the cover certainly makes people scratch their heads.

    One reason this pic is fun and interesting to Jen and me is because these two babies are far ahead of where Finley was at their age. Not that she couldn’t do it, but she simply had zero interest. That said, Finley better step up her game or her baby sisters are going to be riding bikes around the neighborhood while her ars watches from the front porch. In short, I’m about to have some reverse peer (sibling) pressure going on at this house.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share a cute pic of my girls!!

    Franklin Jones


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